Samsung Galaxy – S22 Plus – 5G – 256 & 128GB With Full Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series


New forms of creative expression

Subtle bezels flow into a symmetrical glossy frame for a wide, balanced look that comes in Samsung Galaxy – S22 Plus. As a complement, the monochromatic camera housing surrounds the linear camera system. The moon is very beautiful.


Casting shadows in normal colors
Whether it’s Phantom White, Hit Green, Soft Rose Gold or Hit Phantom Black – it’s not easy to choose, but you can’t go wrong.

Online exclusive

Custom colors for everyone
Playful colors that turn heads. Choose from one of the new colorways available only on


Be the official group chat photographer

This is a high-end set that fits with one hand. The triple rear camera and selfie camera offer innovative camera software and software so you can capture a Gallery full of content worth sharing.

12MP Ultra Wide camera expands your POV

50MP Wide Angle Camera is a large sensor that illuminates the night

The phone’s 10MP camera with 3x optical zoom says nothing is “too far”.

The 10MP selfie camera captures your best angles

Night camera
Light up your nightlife

The best things happen after dark. Shoot with epic tech updates on our pro-grade cameras. The large pixel sensor enlarges the pixels to capture light, while the Super Clear Glass rotates the lens flare – so photos at night and videos are clear during the day.

Night video

The night image captures the last closing time
Revelation doesn’t wait for optimal light—and it doesn’t now. The biggest leap in our video technology, the frame rate automatically matches your environment in fps, and the Super Night Solution cleans up noise in every frame for a clear, high-quality picture, whether you’re in the sun or under the stars.

Night portrait
Night photography puts the portrait in a new light
Take low-light portraits and selfies thanks to revolutionary updates to the rear camera and selfie camera. Each one gets brighter for better color and detail – so you can master Portrait mode in low light.

Video MORE
Now you have done all the right things
Life does not stop. But you will have a video. Our pro-grade cameras record steady, steady and comfortable video even when you’re on the move.

high resolution
Every detail is now being captured
Be diligent. You’ll always end up with a sharp, high-quality photo gallery. This high-resolution sensor has built-in Adaptive Pixels, which adjust the pixels to the light.


No photobombs
Instead, focus on your talents. Take people or things off your hands, leaving what your followers want to see.

More for Pros
Space zoomed
Zoom in 3x, 30x or anywhere in between – all for sharp detail from afar.

Automatic frame
Whether you’re walking or people are walking in and out of the frame, the camera will automatically focus and stay centered for upload-ready videos.

Director’s Opinion
Record your actions and reactions on all cameras simultaneously. Change the angle for a new POV and save the originals for the director’s cut later.

Type? Take a photo in as little as 20 seconds, then add it to the Gallery in a variety of formats – stills, loops, hyperlapse videos, and more.

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