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Asus ROG

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I’ve been a long time ROG fan and can’t wait for the latest Strix G laptop! Asus ROG Strix G17 – G713RW-LL107W 2021 is the most recommended laptop for live streaming and video production on the go. It’s slim and compact enough for me, versatile enough for video and thumbnail editing, and fast enough to run Fortnite and my other favorite games with ease.

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Make your life more colorful with RGB lighting. The density of LEDs in the updated light strip has increased, and the lower part of the chassis has become brighter. Customize your Aura Sync settings to create the perfect gaming experience on a variety of compatible devices.

It has an attractive appearance

From its aluminum-plated lid to its textured base, Asus ROG Strix laptop combines everyday durability with sporty elegance. The metal top protects the screen from scratches and bumps, while allowing higher results. The plastic palm rest is cooler for better marathon gaming sessions. A clip-on handle at the bottom keeps the chassis in place while playing and makes it easy to hold on.


You can play at professional speed on the most modern game screen. With a 360Hz/3ms panel, Strix SCAR 17 offers the world’s fastest laptop display, allowing you to experience games with racing-level fluidity. Thanks to the 3ms grayscale reaction time, target tracking is smoother and less blurry. The WQHD 165Hz/3ms display option extends deep 2K detail to a high refresh rate for an impressive blend of high resolution. It covers the DCI-P3 color space, allowing you to see more shadows in films that are compatible with other materials.


It is the most elegant and quieter model. The liquid metal compound in the CPU helps to conduct and dissipate heat. Each of the 84 blades on the updated fan has been modified to push more air with less noise and turbulence. Air passes through four heaters and vents to quickly remove heat. You can change the system settings for each application, ensuring that the cooling and acoustics are suitable for the task at hand. All of these additions allow ROG Boost to overclock the GPU in Turbo mode, as well as provide additional thermal headroom for higher levels of GPU and CPU overclocking.

Resolution is enhanced by OPTICAL VIEWS

Our optical mechanical keyboard switches actuate instantly and significantly faster than conventional alternatives, providing more efficient input, greater accuracy and long-term durability. The extended travel range is more comfortable and the curved lid keeps your fingers in the right place. Aura Sync lighting on the keyboard is a fun way to light up your world, showing key instructions for various games.


You will be in the middle of the action with virtual 5.1.2 channel surround sound powered by Dolby Atmos technology. Two Smart Amp speakers jut out from the table top, while twin tweeters give you just the right amount of sound. Two-way AI noise cancellation removes background noise from incoming and outgoing audio, resulting in clear multiplayer team chats, streaming and other communications.

Long life

It has high capacity battery of 90kW that is one of the best thing. Charging Type-C from a compatible power pack can extend your battery life when you’re not near a wall outlet. You can use the mini USB-C adapter up to 100W for regular tasks like online browsing and media streaming.

AURA Sync reflects your Personality

Let Aura Sync take center stage by turning off the lights. RGB LED indicators adorn the entire laptop, monitoring each button to indicate important actions for quick identification. Coordinate your lights in a full ecosystem of Aura Sync devices to create the best gaming experience. Create an environment conducive to competitive play. Connect effects to game action. Personalize your gaming experience by showing your true colors.

Enhance your experience

Keystone II is a versatile new approach to customizing your device while protecting your privacy. This real, NFC-enabled button blends well with the chassis and provides a subtle accent to the design. stop once

WI-FI 6 can be translated

Wi-Fi 6 lets you play at gigabit speeds where there’s a decent connection (802.11ax). It expands the peak interface bandwidth, improves efficiency and reliability for congested networks, and reduces latency in games. ROG RangeBoost improves reception by evaluating the signal strength of the four internal antennas and selecting the best pair for your location, reducing dead spots and extending range by up to 30%.

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The I/O port can be used in a variety of ways to keep you connected wherever you are. Connect next generation devices

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