Asus Rog Strix G15 – G513 – Gaming Laptop (2021) Buy Now

Focused firepower streamlines and enhances the basic Windows 10 gaming experience at home on the Asus Rog Strix G15 – G513. Everything from gaming to multitasking is fast and smooth, thanks to the powerful AMD Ryzen™ processor. Experience full esports speed with a competition-class display with a 144Hz/3ms panel. Adaptive-Sync creates gaming ultras, while advanced thermal updates help you stay cool under pressure. No matter what type of your game is, you can achieve every perfection in all levels.


Sporty aesthetics in three different colors take your look to the next level. Electro Punk’s original subtle black personality, eclipse gray and shine reflect your gaming style. Play anywhere in a chassis 7% smaller and more compact than the previous generation. Subtle cutouts and logos can decorate the exterior and even add interest to the bottom of the laptop, making the system stand out from any angle. Light up your environment with Aura Sync accents that shine from the metallic ROG logo to the illuminated strip that illuminates the back of the keyboard.



Light up your life in RGB. The redesigned light bar increases the LED density to create a thinner bottom under the chassis. Personalize your Aura Sync settings to create the ideal gaming atmosphere across the entire ecosystem of compatible devices.

Nice view


From its aluminum-coated lid to its textured base, this laptop blends everyday durability with sporty style. The metal top resists knocks and dents when handling thinner trims. The plastic palm rest is cooler to the touch for more comfortable marathon gaming. The grip on the bottom is planted when playing and makes it easy to hold the chassis on the road.

Small volume


The new Strix series packs serious gaming power into a more compact chassis. The footprint for the 15″ model is 7% smaller than the previous generation, while the 17″ version is 5% smaller. The sleek and streamlined chassis makes it easier than ever to jump into any game. It also provides 85% screen-to-body ratio and high-end finish that makes gaming more efficient.

Larger touch panel


Improve everyday comfort and usability with an active sensor panel 85% larger than the previous generation. More space means more accuracy when navigating, and more comfortable gestures and hand gestures. The glass pad is covered with a durable mat with a smooth feel.

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