Apple Macbook Pro 13-inches M1 Chip 256GB Latest Version

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro M1 chip gives the 13-inches MacBook Pro speed and power beyond your imagination. With CPU performance up to 2.8x. Up to 5 times the graphics speed and many more. Our most advanced neural engine for up to 11x faster machine learning is one of the most fascinating features this version (Apple Macbook Pro) has, which makes Apple Macbook Pro unique and incompatible. And up to 20 hours of battery life which is pretty amazing, the longest battery timing ever on a Mac. Apple Macbook Pro’s our most popular business notebook, taken to a whole new level.

Apple Macbook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro M1 chip

Small chip. Giant leap.

Apple Macbook Pro‘s here. Our first chip designed specifically for the Mac.Our one of the most powerful selling brand. Featuring a whopping 16 billion transistors, the Apple Macbook Pro M1 System on a Chip (SoC) integrates CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I / O and more into one tiny chip which makes it faster. With incredible performance, customized technologies and industry-leading energy efficiency, M1 isn’t just a next step for Mac, Apple Macbook Pro’s a whole different level. It is pretty interesting machine you will ever experience.

8-core CPU

We’re on a power chip in Apple Macbook Pro.

The M1 chip makes the MacBook Pro incredibly fast and powerful. Its 8-core CPU is capable of tackling complex workflows and heavy workloads, with processing performance up to 2.8 times faster than the previous generation, all with incredible power efficiency.


Creates beauty like a beast.

The M1’s 8-core GPU is the most advanced graphics processor we’ve ever built. Period. And Apple Macbook Pro brings the world’s fastest integrated graphics to a personal computer, 7 delivering a ridiculous 5x increase in graphics power.

Machine learning

16-core Neural Engine. Smarts, meet speed.

Machine learning (ML) offers blazing speed and automation for video analytics, speech recognition, image processing, and more. And the M1 chip with 16-core Neural Engine and a full suite of technologies brings ML performance on MacBook Pro into the stratosphere.

macOS Big Sur

The power of macOS Big Sur on M1.

Developed to unlock the potential of the M1 chip, macOS Big Sur transforms the Mac with significant performance benefits and more fascinating features. Powerful app updates that is something pro. A beautiful new design that is pretty attractive. Industry-leading privacy features and best-in-class security that makes Apple Macbook Pro so reliable and so its demad is also high. It’s our most powerful software ever by Apple, running on our most advanced hardware ever. It is the best laptop that is so much advance.

Speed and responsiveness

The M1 chip and macOS Big Sur work altogether to make the whole system more responsive and work quick. MacBook Pro instantly wakes up from sleep mode in no time. Daily activities, from browsing photos to browsing Safari, are faster. And all of your most demanding apps have access to the power they need.

Biggest collection of apps ever

Run powerful apps built for M1. All your existing apps work with Rosetta 2. And for the first time, you can use your favorite iPhone and iPad apps right on macOS Big Sur. Overall, you’ll have access to the largest collection of Mac apps ever.

Unified memory

Runs a tight chip.

The M1 chip offers up to 16GB of super-fast unified memory. This unique pool of high-bandwidth, low-latency memory allows apps to share data between CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine efficiently, so everything you do is fast and smooth.

Retina display

See the better picture.

With the brilliant Retina Realistic display, images take on an incredible pro level of detail and clearity. The text is crisp and clear. The bright LED backlight offers deep blacks and bright whites. The wide P3 color delivers even more vibrant greens and reds than sRGB. And every MacBook Pro have a feature called True Tone technology, which helps in white balance, automatically adjusts to match the color temperature of the light around you for a more natural viewing experience that is also eye friendly and prevent eyes from unnecessory light rays.

Camera and mics

Be seen. Be heard.

Thanks to the M1, the FaceTime HD camera can now take full advantage of our latest image signal processor, improving image quality in video conferencing and bringing out more detail in both shadows and highlights. And whether you’re hosting a meeting, hosting a podcast, or connecting with friends and family, the new studio-quality microphones will make sure everyone hears you loud and clear.

FaceTime HD camera

The M1 chip helps you to look good. Highlights in low light have never looked so good. Advanced Noise Reduction makes dark areas sharper. And face detection uses the Neural Engine to fine-tune white balance and exposure levels for even more natural skin tones.

Three-microphone array

Studio quality. Without the study. An improved professional-grade microphones.

Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard allows you to do everything faster and more efficiently. The refined scissor mechanism offers a responsive, comfortable and quiet typing experience. The Touch Bar puts the commands you need most right where you need them, saving you time and typing.

Touch ID

One tap on the sensor instantly unlocks your Mac and one press locks it. Use your fingerprint to rent movies, buy apps, or access documents like locked documents or system settings without having to re-enter your password. And when you shop online with Apple Pay, Touch ID automatically enters your shipping and billing information without sharing your card details.

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