Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max – 128GB – Specs – Price in Pakistan

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

A more powerful camera system.
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is so responsive that every interaction is felt again. The world’s fastest smartphone chip. Amazing durability. A big leap in battery life.


Macro photography comes to the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.
With a newly designed lens and powerful autofocus system, the new Ultra Wide camera can focus as close as 2cm – making the smallest details look epic. Turn leaves into abstract art. Pick up the mess with the worms. You increase humidity. A little beauty awaits.

Macro video, anyone?

Macro is still a beginner. You can also shoot macro videos – slow motion and time lapse. Prepare to be amazed.

Bring the night.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is built for low light. The wide-angle camera adds a wider skin with our largest sensor – and uses a LiDAR scanner for night mode portraits. Ultra Wide gets a wider aperture, faster sensor and new autofocus. Telephoto now has a Night mode.

Enlarge? Boom.

The new Telephoto camera has a focal length of 77mm and 3x optical zoom – perfect for classic portraits or sharper shots and videos from a distance. For closer subjects You should try Portrait modewhich is pretty amazing.

3x optical zoom on telephoto

to approach

System-wide 6x optical zoom range

for more frame options than before

Change focus. About the drama.

Cinematic Mode can focus on specific new subjects as they enter the frame and perform for more creative storytelling. There is an option to change the focus or adjust the bokeh level even after capturing.

The only smartphone that allows you to edit depth of field after shooting
Shoot in wide angle, phone or TrueDepth camera in cinematic mode
Cinematic Dolby Vision HDR is supported

Introduction to Image Styles.

Photo Styles apply your favorite color and temperature settings to your photos. But unlike filters, they preserve things like the sky and natural skin tones. Choose an Apple-designed preset – Vibrant, Contrast, Warm or Cool – and adjust it to your liking. Adjust your style once to get the look you love every time.

Our main image pipeline shows your true style in real time

Enlarge for brighter colors. Lower it for strong shadows and contrast.

Increases the gold tone. Reduce the amount of blue noise.

Send it.

This is the first smartphone that provides an end-to-end project that allows you to record and edit in ProRes or Dolby Vision.
ProRes’s high color fidelity and low compression lets you record, edit and deliver broadcast-ready content on the go. Now you can complete projects in ProRes all on your iPhone. Or easily import ProRes video from Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max to Final Cut Pro on Mac.

Tons of technology behind every shot.
Every part of the scene is optimizesd using smart 4 HDR.
Using the machine learning power of theNeural Engine, Smart HDR 4 now makes unique adjustments to the crowd in the scene. Our software and ISP automatically adjust contrast, brightness and skin tone for each individual. So everyone always looks great.

Deep Fusion analyzes every pixel from multiple exposures.

For medium and low light shots, Deep Fusion is included – it uses the Neural Engine to do a pixel-by-pixel analysis of the different effects and combine the best parts into your final image. Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max brings out the best texture in your photos and gives amazing detail.

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